Cheese Pipe Cleaning Machine


One of the most common problems in woven sack industries is to cut tapes from bobbin. Because of it we are manufacturing Online Pipe Cleaning Machine. In general plants where production is not more, they are using heated wire and cut tapes manually. To increase productivity of plant this machine is very useful. The main features are as follows:

Reducing Of Man Power Working | Reduction Of Cutting Time

Perfect Wastage Handling | Improve quality of end product


  • 2 Servo Motor System
  • Machine cuts PP, HM-HDPE, LD-LDPE carry bags and shopping bags
  • It gives U/W/C-Shape, D-Shape, Hanger shape etc.
  • Machine deals with HM, PP, LD, Woven sack, Non Woven Fabric, Leather etc.


Capacity 45-50 Pipes Per Minute
Cut By Heat Cutting Blade
Structure Made of M.S. Angle ( 50 x 50 x 5mm
Connected Load 0.75 Kw Motor Load, 1 HP Motor
Ideal Pipe Diameter 35mm I.D, 38mm O.D
Speed Adjustment By Drive
Gross Weight 350 Kgs
Input Supply 440 V, 50 Hz