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Woven Bag Gusseting & Cutting Machines from BWC have been developed for cutting gusseted woven fabric made from roll of tubular woven PP/HDPE fabric. This new developed machine with servo and PLC controls is designed for fabric width upto 300 - 850 mm and with speeds upto 60 bags/min. depending upon material, width of the fabric etc. This bag machine is not only suitable for PP / HDPE but also work best in BOPP & Leno too. This advantages make these bags making machines the best choice...

Unwinding Unit

FGCM automatic cutting machine consists of an unwinding unit where roll of

circular woven fabric can be easily mounted without any requirement of

external lifting device.

Gusseting Unit

FGCM automatic gusseting machine with folder size of 12-18, 19-24 and 25

-34 consists of smooth  gusset the fabric.

Cutting Unit

Machine is equipped with a hot cutting unit suitable for un-laminated fabric in compatible with mouth opening device which helps in easier opening of leading edge of the cut length. with equipped by zigzag and Cold cutter this machine can fulfill all the requirement of your business, Servo motor used is helpful in cutting the fabric. Print mark sensor is supplied as standard with the machine to cut the fabric as per marking on pre-printed fabric roll.

Bag Stacking Table Unit

The finished bags are discharged onto a delivery after counting and stacking

the pre-set number of bags.

Woven Bag Gusseting & Cutting Machine
Diameter Of Unwinding Fabric 1200 mm Max.
Width Of Unwinding Fabric 300 to 850 mm Max.
Cutting Length Of Fabric 500 to 2500 mm Adjustable
Cutting Length Accuracy ± 1 mm
Production Capacity Per Minute 10 – 50 Bag/Min. (depending upon the bag size & Cutting type).
Heat Cutting Cutting through heater.
1) Plane Straight Line type
2) ZIGZAG type -Special Die Steel Alloy Cutter.
Cold Cutting Plane Straight Cutting through Mechanical Cutter.
Print Mark Sensor Provided with the machine for Pre-printed fabric rolls.
Zigzag Type Heat Cutter For un-laminated fabric.
Strait Gusseting Device For Gusseting.
Twist Gusseting Device For Gusseting.
Gusseting Device Folder Size (12" - 18"), (19" - 24") & (25" - 34")
Stacking Table 4' X 4' Wooden incline table
Machine Dimension Size (L x W x H) = 14 x 7 x 5 FEET.
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